Tyler's Story

Hello my name is Tyler, I am 15 years old and a grade 10 student. I’ve been matched as a little with Jon for six years. Over the past six years Jon and I have had the opportunity to do many fun things like rock climbing, down hill skiing, soccer, and bowling. Although Jon and I have very different schedules, we find time to get out and see each other, even if that time is only an hour at Tim Hortons. Jon to me is a mentor, but he is more like a brother to me than anything else. I know I can go to him with any problems I have or anything with school that I need help with. Hanging out with Jon has given me the opportunity to try new things, learn new things, but most importantly to have fun.

I remember our first outing – rollerblading in Bowring Park and McDonald’s afterwards for lunch. These days, our outings are more talking about how Jon is going to teach me to drive a standard when I get my driver’s license. I’ve literally grown up with Jon and I’ve learned a lot from what I’ve seen him do over the last 6 years – graduating University, starting his career, building his house, getting engaged and planning his wedding. I guess you could say we’ve grown up together. He’s inspired me and he’s taught me that anything is possible when I put my mind to it. This is what Big Brothers Big Sisters is all about.

As a little, I personally know the benefits that Big Brother Big Sisters agency provides to the children of Eastern Newfoundland. The support from donors and supporters allows the agency to continue to help children in our community by providing them with a mentor, a brother or sister, who can help them realize their potential and teach them that the sky is the limit. So on behalf of all the littles, I would like to thank everyone for thier support.

Little Brother Tyler