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Stories from Our Community

 " Growing up as the youngest child in my house I often thought of what it would be like to have a younger brother. I always thought about how I could teach him to throw a baseball, shoot a basketball, or even help him with his homework. By joining Big Brothers Big Sisters I was given this opportunity. We play every sport imaginable. We go on hikes, talk about friends, and play foozeball. While I try to coach him to the "Big Leagues", he trains me in the history of Harry Potter and keeps me in the loop of Junior High School drama. I really look forward to the time we spend together each week and what new we're going to learn from each other. " Big Brother Toby

“The In-School Mentoring Program is designed to enrich the life of a child but it provides so much more. Every week my little sister runs from her classroom and throws herself into my arms with such passion and love, it reminds me of the important role I play in her life. Her teachers all tell me that her face brightens every time she talks about me. The truth is that whenever I talk about her I do the same thing. I look forward to our time together and can think of no better way to spend my lunch break. I am thankful she is in my life." Charlotte, In-School Mentor

" Having a Big Brother gave me the chance to make a new friend and to do things I would never be able to do with my mom. She isn't into sports but I am doing these things with him. We have had a lot of good times." Dominic, Little Brother

“I feel honoured to say that my son is a part of such a wonderful organization such as Big Brothers Big Sisters. He has formed a friendship that began 7 years ago and I am sure will continue into adulthood. My son's Big Brother has been a positive influence in every way. Thank you BBBS!" Virginia, Parent

“I have been a Big Sister for 4 years and since I was matched with my Little Sister I have seen her grown from a shy little girl to a very outgoing young lady. I think the opportunities that Big Brothers has given my Little Sister has given her the confidence to try new things. She lives each day to the fullest, she has taught me to have fun every day, no matter what gets thrown your way!" Susan, Big Sister

“Dear Big Brothers Big Sisters,
I really love my Big Sister, she is just what I always wanted in a friend that I could call my own. She means the world to me. I want to “Thank You” for giving me such a wonderful Big Sister.”
Little Sister, Angela